Career paths – craft-level tradesCareer paths – craft-level trades

Craft-level trades

In these trades, you can develop a career that takes you into any of the four construction sectors :

  • New Home Building and Renovation
  • Heavy Industrial Construction
  • Institutional and Commercial Construction
  • Civil Engineering

There are many paths to a career in construction. Consider the example of two boilermakers in the heavy industrial sector:

  • One might have started working as a Trades helper/labourer right after high school, then taken some courses and written the certification exam to become a certified Boilermaker.

High school - Construction labourer - Classroom study - Certification - Journeyperson

  • The other might have entered a Welder apprenticeship program and, after being certified as a journeyperson, decided to change to the related boilermaking trade. After gaining considerable work experience, she applies to become a trainer and teaches boilermaking courses while continuing her career as a Boilermaker.

High school - Welder apprenticeship - Welder certification - Journeyperson - Work experience - Boilermaker Certification - Work experience - Trainer

Boilermaking often involves a lot of welding. If you’re already a certified Welder, you can reduce the time it takes to become a Boilermaker. You don’t have to go through apprenticeship for a second construction trade, just learn what you need to pass the certification exam.

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