Test Your Construction IQTest Your Construction IQ

The number of jobs in construction just keeps growing. The Construction Sector Council reports that in 2007 when job growth in the economy stood at 2.3%, the number of jobs in construction increased by...


As a registered apprentice in the construction industry you earn:

The same as a certified professional
Minimum wage
An increasing amount with each year of training and experience

There’s a hidden bonus to earning while you learn—when most people complete their apprenticeship programs:

They have large student loans to pay back
They own their own homes
They have a smaller debt load than university graduates

The construction industry provides opportunity for skilled, talented and ambitiousyoung people to build life-long careers. With experience and drive you could become:

A foreman
A project manager
A company owner and manager
All of the above

The annual salary of a skilled construction worker is:

Higher than the national average
Half the national average
Three-quarters of the national average

As an apprentice in most construction professions, in most provinces and territories you'll:

Take several weeks of classes each year
Attend university
Never have to attend classes

Red Seal certification lets you work anywhere in Canada that your profession is recognized. According to Skilled Trades the percentage of skilled workers employed in Red Seal professions is:

more than 88%

The number of women working in construction is growing every day. In 2000 the number of women employed in the Canadian construction industry was: