1. Raise Awareness and Create Interest1. Raise Awareness and Create Interest

Define the most important benefits – from the point of view of the audience you are trying to reach and the workers you are trying to attract.

Be realistic about the challenges, too – to build trusting relationships and retain workers after they are trained and hired, it’s important to ensure they have a full understanding of what is involved. 

Define the target audience.

  • Our target audience is: 

    (Clear description with characteristics such as:  youth looking for training; experienced workers looking for a long-term job; trained plumbers; etc. – within a 50-km radius; available immediately; etc.)

Develop your own materials for the audience(s) you are trying to reach.

Use these materials as a starting point.  Download them and adapt them to suit your needs.  See the more detailed information that follows and include some of it in your materials.