Communicating Job OpeningsCommunicating Job Openings

Below are some suggestions of styles that could be used to communicate job opportunities by employers, ASET holders or agencies. Some approaches will work better in a particular context, such as urban or rural or remote.

Styles of Communicating Job Opportunities

Urban Rural Remote
1. Job fairs. X    
2. Consulting with local colleges and universities about new job openings (include contact information to enable applicants to ask questions). Target institutions that have directly relevant apprenticeship and educational programs. X X  
3. A media release about a recruitment program can be a useful news product. Aboriginal News media and communications media can be very effective. See Communication Vehicles in Section 3 for a list. X X X
4. Industry publications. There is no better way to reach the career-oriented workers in a specific industry than to advertise in the construction-related magazines they're reading X X  
5. Posters in Aboriginal community centres or Aboriginal organizations. X X X
6. Posters in campus recruiting centres. They're always looking for employers who are hiring. X X  
7. Government job centres. Letting them know you're hiring construction workers virtually guarantees some good word of mouth. X X  
8. Flyers for local retailers. Put some interesting postcards by the cash in local businesses – you never know! X X X
9. Street teams. Put promotional stickers – with links to your jobs page – on packs of gum or mints and hand them out near the entrances to college/university campuses. Focus on those colleges/universities with high populations of Aboriginal students. X    
10. Transit posters. X    
11. Local Aboriginal newspapers and community newsletters. X X X
12. Community meetings and info sessions. X X X
Technology-based approaches are most effective with youth and with Aboriginal people living in urban areas.1
1. Job-hunting websites: e.g. Monster, Inclusion Network.2 X X  
2. LinkedIn groups can be a good place to post job opportunities. X    
3. Homepage graphic. An icon on your company’s homepage saying “We're hiring!” linked to your jobs information will get attention. X X  
4. Government job site. It's free to post your jobs at the Job Bank. X X  
5. Craigslist, Kijiji and similar sites can be inexpensive places to post jobs. X X  
6. “Send-to-a-friend” buttons on your job posts. Your webmaster can set this up easily – and it's worth it. X X  
7. Twitter updates. Get your employees to tweet your job postings. X X  
8. Write job postings that get featured. Bloggers are always looking for creative job ads – yours could end up with a long lifespan. X X  



  • 1. For remote Aboriginal communities there exists a “digital divide.” Not all communities have high-speed access or ready individual access to computers.
  • 2. When Canada Post ran a job opportunity for a welder in Winnipeg, the response surprised everyone. “Those people in Winnipeg are just amazed,” says Dwight Powless of Canada Post. “The job offer for a welder went up and back came 17 responses. All qualified.”